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Finally we’ve found it! A few places with the best Italian ice cream in Barcelona!

I remember seeing a sign “Italian Ice Cream” a lot but never actually understood what it meant. The ice cream was OK but nothing special. It was only when I went to Italy that I understood what the real meaning of “Gelato Italiano” was. And after that, nothing was the same and no ice cream was good enough anymore.

Obviously on arriving here we started to look for some places with tasty frozen desserts. It gets hot in here, as you probably already know from your own experience. I was secretly counting on the Italian expats who, as I imagined, surely opened in Barcelona real gelaterias just like they did with pizzerias.

So, where are the best Italian ice cream places in Barcelona?


1. Sante Gelato for the classic ones

One day a miracle happened. I was going back from work on foot a bit tired, because there were no bikes on neither of the nearby Bicing stations and all of a sudden on Rosselló street I saw this:

Sant Gelato Ice Creams Barcelona

Sante Gelato, Barcelona

Of course, I couldn’t resist the temptation to enter and try very promising Italian Gelato. And that was it! Finally strawberry was no bullshit! Intense, rich, with a great aroma and taste. The same with other sorbets like peach, banana or forest berries. If you like creamy nuts, go for pistacchio or nocciola (all the names are in Italian) which are creamy and deliciously nutty. The same with mascarpone, simply heavenly. Last but not least, if you are a fan of the real, cacao, dark chocolate, this is the place for you!

I’ve been there many times, but I’ve tried maybe the half of all the flavors. They change quite a lot and you never know what a delicious surprise you’ll find the next time you go there.

Address: c/Rosselló 287 | In front of the beautiful modernist building Casa De Les Punxes

Price: small portion 2,80 euro (you can ask for 2 different flavors in it). Please note that it will be one of the best spent money in Barcelona.

Sante Gelato on TripAdvisor


2. Gocce di Latte – discover unexpected flavors

Gocce di late Italian ice cream

Gocce di late, Italian ice cream

I shared the story about my discovery of Sante Gelato at work and I was recommended this one, Gocce di Latte. I especially trusted this advice because my colleague’s boyfriend is Italian. Obviously, he knows good ice cream! And that’s right. The place specializes in, as I call it, unexpected flavors, go there if you like to discover new tastes.

Yogurt with cucumber, lime with basil, cinnamon with honey and nuts, banana with nuts – this is a place for a flavor combination tasting.

And it’s exactly between Barceloneta and El Borne, you can go there after a nice meal in Born and on your way to the beach!

Address: Pla de Palau, 4 | Espaseria, 14, Barcelona

Price: small portion 2,90 euro

Gocce di Latte on TripAdvisor


3. DelaCrem, if you are near Universitat

Enric Granados street is worth a recommendation if you’d like to have a brunch or grab a coffee in a trendy, hipster place. There are a lot of modern and nicely decorated cafes and restaurants offering brunches and dinners. It’s parallel street to Balmes. The car traffic is limited and down between Consell de Cent and Diputació its totally pedestrian with a lot of trees and banks. There is even a Bicing station nearby. All in all, it’s a really good place to be for a Sunday brunch or afternoon.

Just there you’ll find some tasty ice cream, artesanal which means handcrafted (the term is widely abused in Barcelona food industry but here it seems fair). It’s worth a try if you are nearby:

DelaCrem. Pasión por lo artesano from slowartworks on Vimeo.

Address: c/Enric Granados 15

Price: small portion 2,50 euro, also 2 flavors might be included


4. Feel like a Frozen Yogurt instead?

If you are a fan of Frozen Yogurt you will find a chain of Danone Frozen Yogurt places all over Barcelona. This is a great alternative for the ice cream, equally refreshing but not so sweet. As usual you will have different toppings to choose from: fresh fruit, choco pops and other sauces.

Address: Passeig de Gracia 103, Diagonal 477, Glories CC and more..

Price: small portion around 3,50 euro


Updated: August, 31st (after discovering Gocce di Latte 😉


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