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Welcome to Spain! The country where it is nice to speak some Spanish or Catalan, if in Catalonia. People here are very friendly but they rarely speak good, OK, communicative English. So, if you are planning to stay here for a bit longer, it’s not a bad idea to learn some Spanish 🙂

Meanwhile to help you with the basic stuff in day-to-day situations, I’ve created a small Spanish vocabulary tips corner. You will be able to check the basic vocabulary needed in different situations.

Check out the whole category on Spanish Vocabulary Tips and start learning Spanish!

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  • Enjoying the blog. I think it’d be good to get some insights into good ways to learn Spanish whilst you’re in Barcelona (any recommended language schools for beginners/intermediates?). I’m ‘ok’ at Spanish, is it worth me learning Catalan or should I just try to master Spanish first then worry about Catalan later?

    • Hey Nick!
      Thanks for your tip! It’s so nice to hear you find our blog useful. Sure, we’ll write about learning Spanish. When it comes to Catalan, it depends on your environment. I thought I’ll need it but all my colleagues speak Spanish or English. Catalan is very well seen but in my opinion it’s better to know one language well then two so-so. Eventually, of course, it is good to learn the language of the land you live in, I think you will “catch” some of it by spending time with them. And then, you can check online and offline free classes at

      When Spanish is concerned, I always recommend watching one’s favorite series in Spanish with Spanish subtitles, they have it all dubbed. This is the best way to learn day-to-day language and have fun. You can also check language exchanges – people meet to exchange one language for another. See

  • Your website/blog is a god send.

    Literally started to learn Spanish (Catalan in the future), and seriously thinking of moving to Barca.

    Stumbled across your site and its extremely handy!



    • Glad to hear that, Greig. Thanks! And don’t think anymore, just move! We are sure you’re gonna love it here. Fingers crossed for your Spanish!

  • This is a random one, but in Barcelona, do people pronounce “c” (before i and e) and “z” as “th” when they’re speaking Spanish words like “gracias”, “hace”, “cerveza”, “Barcelona”. The internet is awash with different theories on pronunciation and I thought someone living in Barcelona might be able to settle it for me. I imagine it doesn’t really make a difference, but I’m just curious to know how Barcelona locals would pronounce when speaking Spanish

    • Hi Nicholas,
      There is a difference between Spanish and Catalan pronunciation.
      In Spanish, spoken throughout the whole Spain (castellano, maybe with an exception for Andalusia), even by Catalans or Basque people, they will normally pronounce “c” and “z” as “th” /θ/ and make a differentiation between Z and S, where these two letters are pronounced as /θ/ and /s/ respectively. However, in Catalan it would be a simple /s/. The same for Latin American Spanish, where Both Z and S are pronounced as /s/, they don’t make the typical “th” sounds.
      Listening for those sounds is one of the ways to recognize in which “Spanish” a given person talks.
      More on seseo:

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