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If you have little ones you might be interested what does the Spanish Education System look like. At the first glance, it seems quite complex but, fortunately, it has its logic.

Spanish Education System

Education System in Spain

Pública, Concertada or maybe Privada

There are three basic school categories when it comes to the compulsory education (6-16 years, which in practice is in most cases 3-16 years, starting P3):

  • Escuela Pública – State School
  • Escuela Concertada – Private School that receives public funds
  • Escuela Privada – Private School

What are the differences? The biggest difference is the funding, so basically, the Public centers are state-funded, so the pupils don’t pay for the education. In the Concertados the local education authorities pay grants to these schools but these did not cover all the costs and so most pupils at “direct-grant schools” (or state-subsidized) have to pay fees, like 150 euros a month, depending on the center it might be more. Then there are private centers in which the majority of the funding is coming from the students.

Open doors

In February/March there are open doors at all of the schools, find more about the dates and hours here. Some of the schools have an online form to fill in in order to register for the open doors, you can also call to find out more or simply show up there on the given day. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the schools that interest you, see the installations, get to know the headmaster and some of the teachers.


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