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Public parking in Barcelona not only seems tricky, it is damn complicated indeed. When we first came to the city we couldn’t distinguish one zone from another or remember which rules apply to a given color. The more you park in different zones the more confused you become.

So for the sake of this blog and my own mental health I sat down and checked what it all means, for once. The conclusion is that we have basically 3 different parking zones marked with 3 different colors:

1. Green zone – Area Verda – the most expensive and the most difficulty to find a free space.

2. Blue zone – Area Blava – much more extensive and at the same time a bit less expensive but equally hard to find a free space within it.

3. White zone – free to park but you will find it far from the city center

There are also special zones for: residents of the ares, deliveries, scooters and motorcycles, coaches and other.

Let’s review them one by one.


Barcelona Parking Area Verde Cost

Barcelona Parking Area Verde Cost

Please note: you need to check each time you park which rate applies.

Green zone is designed to facilitate parking for residents and trim the one of no-residents. All kinds of vehicles can park there.

For non-residents

If you are a regular person without a resident authorization, then you will be able to park your car for maximum 1-2 hours within the timetable and as long as you wish outside the schedule.

For residents only

Residents with a special authorization are allowed to park their cars in the designated areas. And they can park their car there all year long. You will find this exclusive places in Ciutat Vella, Gràcia’s old town, Sarriá old town and Camp de l’Arpa. Altogether, there are almost 4k places exclusively for residents all over Barcelona.

In order to use them you need to have a special parking receipt with a duration of a day, a week or a trimester. This receipt has “zona del residente” written on it along with the vehicle’s licence plate. Its cost is of 0,20€/day or 0€ if you have the right to this rate. And it can be payed daily or weekly (1€).


Barcelona Parking Area Blava Cost

Barcelona Parking Area Blava Cost

Please note: this timetable extends to Saturdays in the city center and to Sundays and Bank Holidays in the areas close to the beach.

Barcelona Parking Zones Area Blava

Barcelona Parking Zones Area Blava


Special cases: note that there might be some exceptions to what we describe above, so it is always advisable to check what the signs say. Ajuntament informs about the existence of “alternative roads” where you might need to change sides of the road where parking is permitted.


Practically, all the rest of Barcelona is white zone, where you can park for free whenever you like. Provided that you find a free space which is always a challenge.

Delivery zones

These are specially designated areas for the cars providing supplies for shops, etc. You are not allowed to park there during their timetable, i.e. from Monday to Friday from 8am  to 8pm.

Moto Parking Free Barcelona

Moto Parking Free Barcelona

MOTO zones – for vehicules with 3 wheels and less

You’ve probably already noticed which means of transport seems to be BCN favorite. Yep, they all seem to have at least one scooter per family. Parking spaces for “las motos” are for free. Go and buy one!

This is the basic info for you to know about parking in Barcelona.

TIP. Remember that if you forget all I just wrote, you can always throw some 10 cents into the nearest parking meter. If you do that on Friday at 8pm you will see if the payment is for Saturday – which means you cannot leave your car for the whole weekend there. If the parking meter tells you you can park until 8:05am on Monday, then you are welcome to stay during the weekend.

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