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It’s hard to enumerate all the advantages of living and working in Barcelona during summer, at least in June. Especially if you are coming from much less pleasant climate.

If you enjoy warm climate, you will love summer in Barcelona. Believe me, in June it feels like heaven here. It’s warm but not hot yet and you feel like on holidays all the time no matter if you are at home, at work’s lunch break, not to mention during the weekends. The pace of life changes due to upcoming heat wave. It becomes slower, more relaxed and laid-back. I’ve already fell in love with it… I went crazy when I found out certain Spanish summer secrets for those who are working here.

Summer work shifts, here we go!

Summer changes everything, even your work schedule. We have here special summer work shifts! Basically it means that you are free at three!

There are special summer working shifts. You come to work at around 8:30am and at 3pm you can go to the beach. Don’t forget your bikini, cause vamos a la playa!

Of course, it’s not obligatory, so depends on each company policy. Some of them start jornada intensiva or jornada flexible, as they call it here, from the mid June and make it last until mid September, which is basically three months! Others do it during the hottest months, July and August. And of course there are those unfortunate who don’t play this game and work 8 hours, 1-hour lunch break excluded, all year round.

I love Fridays!

In addition to the fabulous summer pace of life, some companies let their employees work on Fridays until 3pm the whole year round. Although, it comes with strings attached. You need to work a bit more all the four other days of week to make up for the free time on Friday afternoon. But still, who wouldn’t like to start their weekend 3 hours early?

Spain is one of the countries with most fiesta days a year

This one actually was expected, was it not? Let’s be honest, we foreigners have heard some rumors about Spaniards and their fiesta and siesta 😉 I remember reading somewhere that when asked if they preferred more days off or a raise, most of them would choose more holidays! At least it was like this before the crisis. Nowadays, you won’t earn here as much as in Germany or Holland but you will get 14 extra days off in form of bank holidays. Summing up your days off at work in total you get 36 days off a year. A lot of days to bathe in the sea and sit under a palm tree.

So what do you think about the pros of working in Spain?

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  • Honestly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Couples of days ago I had a chance to attend a business event in Barcelona, in which Barcelona was introduced as an international place for people to start global businesses. What a joke! Ironically, 80 percent of attendees are foreigners while the other 20 percent barely speak English in an English speaking event. The event was not bad at all as all the foreigners I met are actually enthusiastic, but on my way back to the hotel, I noticed that people here don’t seem comfortable with trousers or even suits. Those are just some signs of the working style here. To be polite, I would say Spanish people are a little too much relaxing at work. Some might say they are lazy. No wonder why Spain is still in a deep crisis and couldn’t find a way out since local people are paying too much attention to enjoying the life and forgetting the not-less-important part of life is work. Americans, Germans and Southeast Asians are working their asses off to be where they are today meanwhile Southern Europe is depending too much on tourism, the industry which creates no such values for human. The bankruptcy of Greece is probably the wake-up call for Spain: it’s time for you to work more seriously.

    • Hey Kay,
      Thanks for your observations.
      I bet no country is perfect to work in, we also recognize the flaws of working in Spain. Here’s our article about the cons of working in Spain.
      We are with you about that the level of English is rather low here and the style of work is quite different from the one in northern and western parts of Europe. However, it is also much warmer here during the whole 3 months of summer and in my opinion it has an impact on the way the Spanish approach their life and work.

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