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So, seriously considering moving to Barcelona, eh? It would be great to have a job fixed up front, right? I don’t say it is impossible, cause I myself had found a job before coming here.

You need to know, though, that the salary might not impress you, it’s definitely lower then in Germany or the UK. On the other hand, the climate, the beach and way of life may well be worth the sacrifice 😉

Can I work in Barcelona without speaking Spanish?

I bet this is the first question, you wanna ask. Especially knowing that you won’t get super rich easily here 😉 The answer is: yes, you can! I am a living and breathing proof for that! And I know many other people who manage to do that as well. It depends on your occupation and the company you apply to but you will perfectly survive in Barcelona without Spanish or Catalan, let’s not forget that the city is bilingual.

What are the most popular websites with job offers in Spain?

It depends on what kind of job you are looking for. I will list some of the most popular job seeker websites:

  1. – one of the most popular job search websites, vast and general. It’s ok for a start and to look around but quite tiring and stiff, so after some time it may get you depressed. Avoid taking it in large quantities.
  2. – is great if what you are looking for are jobs in creative agencies, startups, innovation and technology companies, etc. Got English version also of the job offers, very practical and user friendly.
  3. Indeed – this site aggregates job listings from many many websites, job pages, etc.
  4. LinkedIn – you probably know it already, it’s good for networking.
  5. JobsBCN and JobFluent – have you considered working in a startup in Barcelona? This site has some offers for those of you who wouldn’t mind. Barcelona indeed is one of the Europe’s hottest startup capitals and companies like King, Airbnb, Booking and many many more decided to open their branch here.
  6. CareerBuilder – you will find a lot of offers of companies companies specializing in HR like Hays, PagePersonnel, etc.

You can also search directly on websites of company’s you’re interested in or websites of companies specializing in HR like Randstad, Talent Search People, etc.

Still wanna move here? Go for it!

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  • Hey Guys and Gals,
    Thanks a lot of the info. I’m in the process of moving to BCN from NY for work and school. The info came in handy with a few tips. 2 things. First: You do a great job and are knowledgeable. How would I get in touch with you outside of the internet? Second: I think what you did here is really wonderful. You’re providing info in a clear and concise manner for people who really don’t know where to look. Are you accepting contributions? I figure seeing that I’m coming the NY everyone’s experience is different and perhaps (and not to steal your thunder)you’d be interested in another writer. I think it’d be nice to give back and help others who like me are a bit overwhelmed and confused. Thanks again for everything and hope to hear back!

    • Hey Rafa,
      We are very glad to hear that you find our blog insightful! Thank you! Sure, you can contact us via email Have you already landed in the EU zone? 🙂 We could definitely use some US perspective on moving to Barcelona.
      When it comes to the second point, i.e. contributions, we haven’t thought about it by now. But why not? We’ve put the donate button on the home page, we’ll see 😉 Anyway, let’s stay in touch!

  • I’ve went through dozens of websites about moving to Barcelona but yours is definitely the best of all. Many thanks for all the useful tips and thorough descriptions. I’m moving on my own so knowing more makes it a little less daunting

  • Hi Magda,
    Thanks for your comment, we love to hear that our blog is useful 🙂
    I hope you will love Barcelona as much as we do. Good luck!

  • Hi Sofia, I have recently found this page and I can’t be more satisfied about my discovery (hahaha)!! This is incredible, you managed to get together every single question we had about moving to Barcelona! thanks for that!!
    Now, I’m currently living in Argentina and planning to move to Barcelona on September/October; I’m wondering if it’s a good idea to apply for works from here? Maybe not now, but closer to my arrival date. I have my Italian Passport so getting the NIE will be no issue (I believe).

    Muchas gracias! 🙂

    • Hi Facundo,

      thank you for your comment, great to know you find our blog helpful.
      I’m sure that with an Italian passport you’ll have it easy to do all the paperwork required.

      We actually advise looking for work before coming here, as we are a perfect example that it works. The perk is that, of course depending on your occupation, many companies offer a “relocation package”, making your move even smoother. You can probably start looking in a month or so, as during summer all the recruitment processes last much longer.

      De nada!

  • Dear Sofia,

    Thank you for this post! May I ask where you are from? I am from Lebanon and currently looking for a job in Spain, but having some trouble figuring out the visa stuff. From what I saw so far, it is very hard for EU employers to employ people from outside the EU. Do you have any tips or info about this?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Rania,
      we are from within EU and it wasn’t much of a hassle for us. What you say might be a problem, as the authorities probably require the employers to prove that they cannot find employees for a specific position in Spain – to justify the employment of foreigners.
      We don’t have much experience with that, I’m afraid. I guess it depends on the sector, now there’s a huge demand for programmers/devs in Barcelona and probably bigger companies have more experience with employment of people from outside EU than small ones. Maybe try that…

      Good luck!

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