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When in Barcelona you probably feel like tasting Mediterranean cuisine. We know just the right place to go to after a long day on the beach: La Paradeta, the best seafood in Barcelona.

There are 5 of them in the area: near Sagrada Familia, Sants, El Born, Meridiana avenue and one in Sitges. Find the address here.

I wouldn’t call them restaurants, they’re more like sea food stores with a place to sit and eat. They look and work in a canteen style and offer great value for money. This is how it works…

Fresh sea treasures on ice

First, expect a queue which is always there but totally worth the wait. There will be elderly residents of Barcelona, local families, tourists and even bachelorette party members in the queue with you. At the end of the queue you will see a store shelf filled with ice and many, many kinds of fresh fish: the biggest prawns you’ve ever seen, fresh squid, a huge piece of tuna, sepia, lobsters, langustinas, mules and many more…

You choose what you like and, as in a supermarket, it will be weighed and passed over to the kitchen. You just need to state how you like it to be made, they cook it or fry it (your choice) with a tiny bit of garlic and parsley. You can also ask for a salad or fish soup as a starter.

Seafood Barcelona restaurant

Seafood Barcelona restaurant

Pay and wait for your call

Next step is to pay for the catch, cash only although I think recently they started to admit cards as well. This is the point when you can add a few buns and sauces, beer or wine (only for bottles) .

Then, you go hunting for a table, since you are in a canteen, remember, there are a lot, so not to worry. Remember to keep the receipt with your order number on it. It will be called (in both English and Spanish) through a megaphone. Yep, again just like in a canteen. If you ordered a lot of plates, you will probably need to make a few rounds to the kitchen window . And finally, you have it all! Bon appétit!

The food is delicious. You feel the real taste of it all, with scarcely any spices or with a special sauce “a la marinera” which I highly recommend especially with the mules. My other favorites are tuna, prawns, squid and rap fish! Everything is tasty and at the same time healthy. Not a restaurant style but for variety, quality and price it’s the best!

Opening hours:

  • Closed on Mondays
  • Other days 1pm-4pm and 8pm- around 11:30om

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