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This Friday, February 12th, L9 a new metro line connecting Barcelona with El Prat airport will be inaugurated. As promised, it should be up and running for the Mobile World Congress, 22-25 Feb 2016.

L9 metro Zona Universitaria L9 METRO BARCELONA

L9 Zona Universitaria, L9 METRO BARCELONA

I thought this is rather exciting news but haven´t heard any enthusiasm about it from my Spanish friends. I couldn´t get why is that.

Then, I started reading about L9 metro line in Barcelona and began to understand their scepticism. Here are the facts that make the news not as much of a big deal as it seemed:

1. Line 9 Metro Barcelona map.

Doesn´t seem like much of a shortcut to get to the airport, does it? Looks like the metro is a kind of a ring road (or ring track) around Barcelona and not the fastest way to get to the airport, as one could have assumed.

L9 metro airport map Barcelona

L9 metro airport map Barcelona

This is only the first part of the L9, called L9 Sud (South) connecting Airport T1 and T2 with Zona Universitària. The second part is still under construction. It will connect La Sagrera with Can Zam (if anybody knows or cares where it is). This part will be called L9 Nord (North). Upon completion, it will be the longest automatic train operation metro line in Europe – as they say on Wikipedia – this means no driver will be involved.

2. There will be 15 stops on your way from Zona Universitaria to the airport.

More than 20 kilometers of the new line will unite Barcelona with L’Hospitalet de Llobregat y El Prat de Llobregat through 15 stations, 7 of them in El Prat:

  • Zona Universitaria
  • Collblanc
  • Torrassa
  • Can Tries-Gornal
  • Europa-Fira
  • Fira
  • Parc Logístic
  • Mercabarna
  • Les Moreres
  • El Prat Estació
  • Cèntric
  • Parc Nou
  • Mas Blau
  • Aeroport-T2
  • Aeroport-T1

3. They say it will take 32 minutes to get to the T1 from Zona Universitaria.

That’s just about the same time you can get to the airport on Rodalies de Catalunya train from Sants Estació. More on other means of transport to the airport here.

4. Metro will depart with a frequency of 7 mins.

This is better than the Rodalies de Catalunya train which departs only twice an hour. The authorities say the frequency of trains will be decreased to 4 mins during important events such as Mobile World Congress.

5. Pay attention to the monitors announcing on which track the train will arrive.

It´s gonna be like on a train station, there will be via 1 and via 2 (track 1 and track 2) and the trains will be announced on the tracks right before they arrive.

6. You won’t be able to use L9 service to the airport with a normal single ticket or T-10.

Here’s the list of valid tickets to get to the airport. The ticket will be validated once again upon entering the airport, so it’s got to be the right one.

Metro tickets Barcelona.

Instead of a normal single ticket, there will be a special new “airport ticket”,  Bitllet Aeroport, wich will cost 4,50 euros.

Airport ticket Barcelona

All in all, it is good to know that Barcelona’s Public Transport keeps on developing. However, I think I will stick to the train when going to the airport. Will you use L9 metro?

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