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Finding a parking space in Spain is hard. And costly. And damn hard. And costly. It will cost you money, nerves and patience. And no matter how hard you try, your car will end up being a wreck after a few months of parking in Spain, whichever city you choose. And Barcelona is no different.

Parking reality in Barcelona

If you own a car in Barcelona prepare yourself to pay some 120 euros per month for a garage. Parking on the street may cost you up to 40 euros a day! Obviously the closer to the city centre, the more expensive. So, is there any way not to pay at all? Yes, there is, indeed.

The city, due to its geographic situation (from one site its surrounded by mountains and from the other by the sea), has limited possibilities of expansion. Let’s be honest – it’s pretty crowded in here. Most of the residents have cars, motorbikes or scooters. And the city authorities are trying to discourage us from entering by car into the crowded city centre. One way of doing it is by increasing the parking fees.

How much for a garage?

In each neighborhood you will find a lot of underground garages and this is the best option for those who want to use their car every day. Monthly garage rent ranges from 80 to 180 euros. In Eixample or El Borne it is between 150-180 euro but closer to Sagrada Familia from 80 till 120 euro. Depending on the zone and the seize of your car. You’ll find a lot of rental offers for parking spaces fitting small cars only

If you are thinking about moving around city centre by car… better think again. Parking in the centre may cost you a fortune. Up to 40 euro a day and only on private parking lots that charge per hour. On the street in green or blue zone (zona blava or zona verda) you can park your car only up to 2hrs. What’s more looking for a place to park your car in Barcelona is like looking for a car with no scratches. Very hard.

Alternatives for a car

It is a common knowledge that there is much more of those in search for a parking than the spaces themselves. However, the authorities do not invest money to build parking spaces but develop alternative means of transport.

We wrote about it in another article. Wanna move around the centre comfortably? Don’t waste your nerves and money on a car. Find out How to Bicing?. You can also consider buying a scooter, as most of my Catalan friends did. Then you will be able to to park your “moto” in specially designated spaces all over the city and, of course, free of charge.

There are also people, like us, who do not use their car on a daily basis, choosing metro or Bicing instead. It is difficult, though, to give up the car completely because it would mean giving up on the possibility to discover beautiful spots in Catalonia on the weekends. Spots like Costa Brava, Pyrenee or Montserrat. To pay some 120 eur monthly for parking when you use your car once a week? Not our style and definitely not in Catalan style.

Don’t need your car on a daily basis? A solution is to take advantage of free parking spaces a few miles away from Bcn centre, which are well communicated. Not many know about them and they are being used mainly by the residents of the city.

For all those who rarely use their car or visit Barcelona for touristic purposes it is a perfect solution. The parking lots are huge and there should not be a problem to find a free space. Although they are not guarded, the safety level is, imho, higher than in the centre. Below you’ll find a list of free parking lots in Barcelona which I managed to set up during the last year.  If you know places like that, add them in comments.


1. Av. Carmen Amaya, 44, 08902 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat  (map)

2. Carrer d’Enric Bargés, 3, 08014 Barcelona (map)

3. Carrer de Josep Serrano, 77, 08024 Barcelona (map)

4. Carrer de la República Dominicana, 264 (La Maquinista), Barcelona (map)

5. Carrer Sagrera, 44, 08027 Barcelona (map)

6. Carrer de Berenguer de Palou, 78, Barcelona (map)

7. Passeig de Valldaura, 223 08016, Barcelona (map)

8. Carrer Bòbiles, 2 , 08905 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona (map)



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