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If you live in Barcelona you get to participate in one of the most spectacular sports events and celebrations in the world. FC Barcelona winning it all.

Champion of the Champions! #ViscaBarca #Campeones

For 2 days Placa Catalunya becomes a FC Barcelona Celebrations square. On June, 6th 2015 Barcelona has won Champions League for the fifth time! At the same time they’ve won their second treble (i.e. winning 3 cups one year: La Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions League). For the first time it happened in 2009.

Even if you are not a real sports, football or Barcelona fan, you will enjoy the Catalan air of victory and its celebrations. People go out on the streets in a very cheerful and happy mood. They get their flags, FCB shirts, caps, they get their strangest cars from the garage and parade through Gran Via and Aragó streets. The shouts and rhythmical honks can be heard from any place in BCN.

Where to watch the game?

Nowadays, the best place to see the game is at a sports bar. There are almost no open air, public projections. Not in city centre at least. But BCN sport bars are very well prepared to show the game, with multiple big screens, tasty tapas and pinchos and of course, cold beer. The game starts at 8:45pm but people gather in the bars from 7pm. Depending on the place you might need to have a reservation or at least friends who save the place for you. However, there are so many bars you will be able to find a place even if you arrive at the beginning of the game.

Fuente de Canaletas – where Barca fans celebrate their triumph on Saturday night

The night of the game, no matter if it’s La Liga, Copa del Rey or Champions League, which normally is Saturday, FC Barcelona fans traditionally celebrate their triumph by La Fuente de Canaletas (catalan: Font de Canaletes). It is situated on La Rambla on exiting Placa Catalunya towards the sea.

The fountain itself has a legend. If a visitor to the city drinks its waters, they will return to Barcelona. That’s not the reason, though, why the football fans gather there after the game. The tradition started in 1930s when after the game the fans were rushing to the HQ of La Rambla diary situated just in front of Fuente de Canaletas. At the door there was a backboard with game results.

So, this is the place to be after each FC Barcelona triumph. It’s loud, it’s cheerful and full of people. The roads are closed for cars and the whole Placa Catalunya becomes a celebration square. See it for yourself:

Sunday evening celebrations with the players in Barcelona & free entry to Camp Nou

Go to the official FC Barcelona website to find out what’s the route of the open bus parade with the players and how to get the tickets for the late night celebrations on Camp Nou for free! This year it was gratis, all you needed to do was to go to Camp Nou box office and collect the free entries the very Sunday morning.


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