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We all love tapas and this great selection of meat, fruit and vegetables available in this Mediterranean country but from time to time we simply miss the taste of home.

We’ve all been there. No matter how great the food in Barcelona or wherever we decide to live might be, we will always miss the food you are most used to eating: the food from our country of origin. Sometimes it’s the sweets we are after, at other times the usual Sunday lunch or this special type of sausage, bacon or beer…

So, today we decided to list the stores we know of that sell food coming from different parts of the world.

Beef from Argentina

  • Delicatessen Argentina – this butcher’s sells beef imported from Argentina and Uruguay, Galicia Suprema and ox from Wagyu and Nebraska.
    Addresses: –Plaza Dr. Letamendi, 24 (Enric Granados’ corner) MON-SAT 10 – 15/ 16 – 21, SUN: 11 – 15.
    Sagrada Familia – c/ Lepanto, 269 corner with Mallorca, MON-SAT: 10 – 15 / 17 – 21
    c/Santaló, 144, MON-SAT: 10 – 15 / 17 – 21
    Sant Cugat, Passeig de Francesc Macià 85
    Open: MON to SAT 10 – 15 / 17 – 21, SUN 10:30 – 15

Beef Jerky and Reese’s from the US

Taste of America, Barcelona

Taste of America, Barcelona

  • Taste of America you’ll find your favorite American products here. It’s a chain of shops around Spain and they even have an online store.
    Addresses: – Balmes 322, MON-FRI: 10-14:30/ 16-20:30, SAT: 10:30-14:30/ 16:30-20:30
    Aragó 321, MON-FRI 11 – 20:30, SAT: 11 – 14:30/ 17 – 20:30

Taste of England

  • A Taste of Home – our readers have recommended adding to our list this English supermarket. It’s got a variety of British, Dutch and American foods and a large selection of vegetarian products too.
    Address: Barcelona, Universitat  – c/Floridablanca 78, Mon to Sat: 10 – 14 & 17 – 20:30
    Sitges – c/San José 32, Mon to Fri: 10 – 14:30/ 17 – 20:30, Sat: 10 – 20:30

Italian pasta

  • Melocomo – it’s a restaurant and a shop in one, serves delicious home-made Italian food – their Tiramisu is one of the best I’ve ever tried – and sells authentic Italian products like cold cuts, cheeses, pasta and wine.
    Address: Poblenou, c/Pujades, 188
    Open: MON-THU: 06:30 – 21:15, FRI-SUN: 06:30 – 23:00

  • Cibus Italia, an Italian supermarket  – many delicious Italian products from ricotta, pasta, wine to cookies and licores.
    Address: Eixample, c/ Roger de Llúria, 80, corner with c/Valencia
    Open: MON – FRI: 10-14.30 and 16.30-20.30, SAT: 11-14 and 18-20

Pickles, beer and vodka from Russia and Poland

Krakoviak, Polish shop in Barcelona

Krakoviak, Polish shop in Barcelona

  • Krakoviak – in this shop you’ll find typical Polish and Russian flavors from pickled (sour) cucumbers, sour cabbage, sour cream and kefir (both quite uncommon in Spain), many kinds of mustard, Polish sweets and, of course, Polish beer and vodka.
    Address: Sagrada Familia, c/Sicilia 326
    Open: MON-SAT: 10 – 22, SUN: 11 – 21

Middle Eastern baker’s and pastry shops

Cleopatra, arabic passtiseria Barcelona

Cleopatra, arabic passtiseria Barcelona

  • Pastisseria Cleopatra, In this pastry shop decorated in Sirian, Egiptian and Lebanese style, you will find a rich selection of Arabic pastries along with food to go such as cuscús, hummus  and salads. Arabic bread, like naan, is baked only on Wednesdays.
    Address: Sagrada Familia, c/Còrsega, 535 between Sardenya and Marina
    Open: MON – SAT: 9-15/ 17-21, SUN: 11-15
  • Pastisseria Ayub – Arab and Pakistani patisserie selling all types of sweets and Jalebi-baklawa specialties.
    Address: El Raval, near Rambla del Raval, c/Hospital 95

Fiesta Latina

Abarrotes Doña Cuca, Mexican Store in Barcelona

Abarrotes Doña Cuca, Mexican Store in Barcelona, Passatge de Font 4

  • Abarrotes Doña Cuca, Mexican Store in Barcelona. Just like home in México. You will find there: tocho morocho, salsitas picantes, frijolitos, chiles secos, botanas, chicles, golosinas, tortillas, huevos, chelas, chescos, tequilas, mezcales, artículos de limpieza, piñatas, artilugios pal mal de amores, mal diojo y mucho más, cáiganle a surtirse.
    Address: Sagrada Familia – Passatge de Font 4
    Open: TUE – SAT 12:30 – 20:30
  • LatinCor, El Superlatino – online and offline supermarket with a wide range of products from a number of Latino countries like Argentina, Brasil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and more, Lituania, Poland and Italy.
    Address: Sagrada Familia – c/ Córsega 536 corner with c/Marina.
    Open: MON-SAT: 10 – 21:30 SUN 10 – 21.

Gourmet Catalan products

Colmado Murria Gourmet Products

Colmado Murria Gourmet Products, c/Roger de Llúria 85

  • Colmado Múrria – Modernist establishment dating to 1898 located in the Eixample district of Barcelona that offers gourmet products (delicatessen).
    Address: Eixample, c/Roger de Llúria 85
    Open: TUE-SAT: 10 – 14/ 17 – 20:30


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