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For us, the foreigners Spanish food is all about tapas and paella. And one of the first expeditions in search for good food would be to a tapas or paella place. But where to get a real paella experience in the capital of Catalonia? We asked around and here’s a list of recommended places to eat paella in Barcelona.

Before we move to the list of paella places, be advised that when a waiter tells you they need to cook double servings. Paella is often considered here as food for at least two. So, it happens that the price you see is per person, not per paella. In some places, they can even refuse to serve you paella for one.

Venue recommendations to eat paella in Barcelona:

1. Elche

Elche best paella in BarcelonaThis is a white linen tablecloth kind of place so don’t come here in shorts and sandals. Paella comes with a portion of 2, so you have to share it. Be prepared to spend +20€ per person.

Address: Vila i Vilà, 71
Open: 13-16 & 19-24

2. Cheriff

Cheriff best paella in Barcelona
Traditional seafood cuisine, in the fishing district of Barceloneta. It’s a family owned business in the second or even third generation. Some argue this is the best paella in Barcelona, however, the price seems a bit too high. It can be difficult to get a table, so reserve as soon as you can.

Address: Restaurante_Cheriff c/Ginebra, 15
Open: MON-SUN 13–16:30 & 19–23

3. 7 Portes

7 portes the best paella in Barcelona
Specialized in rice dishes, paella, Catalan and seasonal cuisine. Some people highly recommend it, while others complain that the paella is too salty. Retro ambient with a pianist playing jazz.  The prices are in the higher section. Only one vegetarian meal on the menu (with starters two). Reservations in advance would definitely be good.

Address: Passeig d’Isabel II, 14
Open: MON-SUN 13-1:00

4. Chiringuito Escriba

Escriba the best paella in Barcelona
It’s a chiringuito, so it’a situated directly on the beach, a really nice flair. A bit overpriced, though, as a paella is for 21 euros per person. It might be the only place so far where you can actually enjoy the service. The place is very busy at night so it’s a good idea to make a reservation.

Address: Av/Litoral, 62
Open: MON – FRI 13-16:30 & 20-23 SAT-SUN 13-17 & 20-23

5. Salamanca

Salamanca best paella in Barcelona
Salamanca’s Paella is very good both in Barceloneta and at the Port close to the beach. Also, the service is top notch – entertaining, prompt, overall very nice. You just have to be aware that you will be charged for everything they put on the table, even the bread which they bring without asking. This is why “Menu del dia” seems like a fair option – 12 euros.

“Menu del dia” for 12 euros.

Address: Barceloneta, C/l’Almirall Cervera, 34
Open: MON-SUN 10-24

6. La Taberna Gallega

La Taberna Gallega best paella in Barcelona

Big, busy yet still authentic taverna in the marina, Port Olimpic. Both locals and tourists eat there. They offer a great value “Menu del dia” with paella during the week at 11 euros. It’s all in, drinks included and it’s one of the best value deals in the city. They also have more expensive menus for special occasions like Christmas, etc. Really worth a try.

“Menu del dia” for 11 euros.

Address: Port Olimpic, Moll de Gregal, 23-24
Open: 10-1:00

Do you know other places that serve great paella? Lets us know in comments and we’ll include them in the article.

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  • oow that paella looks like to die for! I’m so jealous I love Alicante which is where I stay but Barcelona is one of my favorites!

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