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Wanna grab a bite and feel like one of the all-time favorites? Everybody loves a good burger, pizza and when in Spain (or Argentina), empanadas. It’s great to know good fast food restaurants in different parts of Barcelona – you never know where the hunger might get you!

Here’s a list of our favorite fast food restaurants in Barcelona. Burgers, pizzas, empanadas and more:

  1. Timesburg – burger in Poblenou, Sants and Les Corts
  2. Kiosko/Bacoa – burger in Barceloneta, El Born, Universitat and c/Ferran
  3. Madre Lievito – pizza neapolitana in Poblenou
  4. NAP – Neapolitan Authentic Pizza, El Born and Barceloneta
  5. Muns – empanadas in Poblenou and home delivery
  6. La Fabrica – empanadas, El Born

Below you’ll find a map with markers showing all these places.

1. Timesburg a great burger & a nice place

Timesburg Barcelona

Timesburg Barcelona

I love Timesburg burgers, I love their interiors and enjoy the whole eating experience. Their interiors are spacious and clear with huge windows and high ceilings. Nicely decorated in an industrial manner.

Burgers: the meat is very tasty and the burger is big, so with one you will be full. You can choose from a variety of meats: ecologic, double burger, chicken breast and vegetarian, which I don’t recommend. It’s grilled on the spot but you don’t smell like the burger after eating at Timesburg. They also have nice sauces, I especially like the spicy one.

Buns: you can choose from 4 types of buns, however I really recommend to stick to the Timesburg original one with poppy seeds. The only thing I disliked was that the buns are not served grilled.

Fries: thin and well-done, it’s a nice change from the classic ones and they’re worth trying.

Prices: burger starts from 5,4o euro.

Opening hours: watch out, because they close in the afternoon!
13h – 16:30h &  20:30h – 23h (Mon – Thu & Sun), on Fri & Sat opened till midnight.

Address: c/París 95, c/Pujades 168 Poblenou, c/Moianès 75 en Sants


2. Bacoa/Kiosko very popular in Barcelona

Bacoa Hamburger in Barcelona

Bacoa Hamburger in Barcelona

Kiosko is situated near Barceloneta, so you will find tons of people there. I survived the almost 1-hour queue just because I was recommended to go there: “The best burger in Barcelona!”. And it actually is very good. There are now 5 of them in Barcelona, others are called Bacoa, so you can choose the location. The place is designed as a fast-food and fast-eat. The stools are not very comfortable and tables are shared, so the eating experience is less pleasant than in Timesburg, unless you go to Pl. Universitat where it is much more spacious and nice. Bacoa behind the Santa Caterina Market Place it is less crowded, but at the same time much smaller. The burger, though, is huuuuge.

Burgers: organic beef and specials: lamb, pork loin, chicken breast and vegetarian well worth a try: “crispy patty made with chickpeas, sweet corn, baby spinach and red pepper with spicy tomato chutney and creamed goat cheese”.

Buns: classic white, light wholemeal, the nice thing is that they are grilled before being served.

Fries: hand made fries and different potato styles like bravas or steamed with alioli.

Prices: burger starts from 5,9o euro, veggie 6,80 euro

Address: Kiosko near Estació de Franca: Av. del Marquès de l’Argentera, 1 bis
Bacoa: Colomines 2 behind Mercat Sta Caterina , Ronda de la Universitat 31,
c/Ferran 10 near Las Ramblas, c/Judici 15 on Barceloneta

Opening hours: different at each spot but all of them are open at least 7 days from 1pm till midnight.



3. Madre Lievito, Pizzeria Neapolitana – an Italian spot in BCN

MadreLievito Pizza

MadreLievito Pizza

It is soooo Neapolitan that even if you’ve never been to Naples, you will believe it must be like in Madre Lievito. First thing you notice on entering the pizzeria are the clothes hanging between walls authentic Neapolitan style of drying the washed clothes.

Starters, i.e. para picar: a selection of “tapas neapolitanas” is listed on a board, you might want to try “tris di bruschette” or other specialties made with the pizza pastry.

Pizza: Is just delicious, whatever your capacity, you’ll eat at least one each. The pastry is typical for Naples, very thin and well done with delicious stretchy mozzarella. Get some Italian wine with it and it’ll be one of the best simple meals you’ve eaten in months!

Address: Carrer de la Llacuna, 1, tel. 936 678 271

Prices: dinner for 2 with a bottle of wine costs you around 30-40 euro.

Opening hours: watch out, because they close in the afternoon!
7 days a week 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm & 8:00 pm – 11:45 pm


  4. NAP Neapolitan Authentic Pizza Barcelona

NAP. Neapolitan Authentic Pizza

NAP. Neapolitan Authentic Pizza

It is also very Neapolitan but mainly in taste, not so much when it comes to the interior setting. Pretty modern restaurant with handsome staff.

Pizza: Is just Napoli. The pastry is typical for Naples, very thin and well done with delicious stretchy mozzarella. They offer pizza and calzone always have some nice spécialités of the day. I tried half a pizza and half calzone which was very original and delicious.

Address: Av/Francesc Cambó 30, c/Baluard, 69, tel. 686 19 26 90

Prices: dinner for 2 with a bottle of wine costs you around 30-40 euro.

Opening hours: watch out, because they close in the afternoon!
7 days a week 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm & 8:00 pm – 12:00 am



5. Muns – order them home and will arrive quickly & perfectly hot

Muns empanadas

Muns empanadas

Delicious stretchy mozzarella, meat, spinach or whatever you choose, Muns empanadas will be full of your favorite stuffing. Take three and you will have a feast! They are big and tasty. What’s more, if you order them home they will arrive quickly and still hot!

Stuffing: in Muns they don’t spare the ingredients, you can choose from 8 different flavors: 4 with meat (beef, chicken, ham) and 4 vegetarian (mozzarella, spinach, goat cheese, etc.) and with other tasty ingredients like tomatoes, olives, nuts, onion, etc.

Pastry: The pastry is thin and crisp, you can choose between white, green, yellow or orange.

Address: Sancho de Avila 171, tel. 933 096 320

Prices: 2,50 euro per 1 empanada

Opening hours: watch out, they close in the afternoon!
7 days a week 1pm – 4pm & 8 pm – 11 pm


6. La Fabrica with nice, soft empanadas opened 24 hours!

La Fabrika empanadas in Barcelona

It’s a great place to stop in when you are wandering around BCN center and Barri Gotic. It’s situated in El Born, close to Jaume I metro station. So, also perfect for tourists and after a long night on your way home.

Stuffing: they are not so generous as in Muns, I’d say it’s half a portion of stuffing when compared. The other thing is that I like my empanadas very hot and with stretchy mozzarella, in La Fabrica you choose from already made empanadas and they heat them in an oven after you order. The result being that your home delivered empanadas from Muns are hotter than the ones from Fabrica bought on the spot. Anyway, the variety is wide and you will surely find something for yourself.

Pastry: just one type, white. It is in my opinion better than the one in Muns. Is thicker and softer at the same time. Worth trying!

Address: Plaza de la Llana 15

Prices: 1,80 per 1 empanada

Opening hours: 24 hours



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