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I’ve already got the BICING pass, what now? There are a few small tips & tricks that will make your BICING in Barcelona easier. Of course, eventually you’ll figure it out by yourself… but why bother?

  1. Download BICING App – for AndroidiOS – you’ll find there useful info like a map with updates about available bikes and parking spaces on each station. It’s very handy because during rush hours many stations are empty and others full. And you need to return your bike somewhere…
  2. Put your pass next to the digital screen to take a bike from a station. Btw, it is not a touch screen 😉
  3. You’ve got 30 minutes of a free ride, then small charges are applied (0,74 euro per half an hour)
  4. What if the station is full? Put your card next to the digital screen. You’ll get extra 10 mins free of charge and a hint on where the closest stations are.
  5. Indicator lights – make sure you return your bike to a place with a green light. After returning it should twinkle for a few seconds and then turn red.
  6. What if the light keeps green after leaving the bike? Take the bike out and leave it in another free space, sometimes they are simply broken.
  7. If the indicator light on an empty space is red or twinkling – avoid returning your bike to such place, it might mean trouble.
  8. How do I know the bike is recognized as returned? After leaving the bike put your card to the screen and it should turn green and say “La bici ha sido devuelta correctamente…”. If it turns red it means you have a problem.
  9. What if the light keeps twinkling after the return? I means the system might not recognize your return and your pass may get blocked. There are two alternatives of getting out of this situation:
    >>>Call the Client Service. They speak in Catalan or Spanish only and you will be waiting for quite some time to get through. Then they will solve your problem on the spot.
    >>>Wait some 4-7 minutes until the light goes green all by itself, put your pass to the digital screen to make sure the bicycle is returned and go home.
  10. What if I need to call and don’t speak Spanish? Two things. First, remember the station number and the place, if possible, where you left your bike. Second, ask somebody to call on your behalf, but you need to be on the call. This happened to me at the beginning and I needed to participate on the call for the authorization.

The day I got my BICING pass totally changed my daily life in Barcelona. Moving around this beautiful city has become much nicer. There are so many bike ways that it is a safe and comfortable means of transport. You ride go wherever you want: to the beach, city centre, Bari Gotic, El Borne, anywhere within Barcelona city and there is always a BICING station nearby.  I use it to go to work every day all year round. And I love it. Sun on my face, wind in my hair… This is definitely one of the best things about living in Barcelona!


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